Syllabus regarding admission to Pre Teacher Education Test 2014-2015

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In the very nature of competitive Examination, no syllabus has been prescribed. It is an exercise to pick-up the best. However, the following pages contain a broad outline. 

The PTET Examination will consist of one question paper containing following four Sections: 
• Mental Ability 
• Teaching Attitude & Aptitude Test 
• General Awareness, and 
• Language Proficiency (Hindi or English) 

Section A: Mental ability Section shall consist of 50 objective type multiple choice questions to test the following abilities: 
(i) Reasoning, 
(ii) Imagination, 
(iii) Judgement & Decision Making, 
(iv) Creative Thinking, 
(v) Generalization, 
(vi) Drawing Inferences, etc. 

Section B : Teaching Attitude and Aptitude test Section shall consist of 50 questions mainly on the following areas: 
(i) Social Maturity, 
(ii) Leadership, 
(iii) Professional Commitment, 
(iv) Interpersonal Relations, 
(v) Communication, 
(vi) Awareness etc. 
This will be test of attitudes and awareness in which answers to question will be scored on a scale 
of 3, 2, 1 and 0. 

Section C: General awareness Section shall consist of 50 Objective type multiple choice questions mainly regarding the following areas:
 (i) Current affair (National & International), 
(ii) Indian History & Culture, 
(iii) India and its natural resources, 
(iv) Great Indian personalities (Past and Present), 
(v) Environmental awareness, 
(vi) Knowledge about Rajasthan etc. 

Section D: Language Proficiency (English or Hindi) Section shall consists of 50 Objective type multiple choice questions regarding proficiency in Hindi or English Language mainly related to the following aspects: 
(i) Vocabulary, 
(ii) Functional Grammar, 
(iii) Sentence structures, 
(iv) Comprehension etc. 
(i) All questions in Question-Paper shall be objective type multiple choice questions with at least four alternative answers (See sample question under heading ‘Model Question Paper’) 
(ii) The Paper will be set both in English and Hindi except for the Language Proficiency Section. In case of discrepancy in options of answers or in question paper the English version be treated as final. 
(iii) The duration of the paper shall be 3 hours. 
(iv) Each question will carry 3 marks and the maximum marks in the paper shall be 600. 
(v) Full 3 marks will be awarded for each correct answer. In Attitude & Aptitude Section, however, the answer will be scaled on a scale of 3 to 0 marks. This means that answer to each question will carry marks of 3, 2, 1 and 0. 

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